What is a House Concert?

As an artist, I am very thankful to have so many amazing friends and fans who enjoy my music. As you know, I’ve often played bars, festivals and other traditional music venues, but I'm doing something new...

I want to play in your living room!

All over the world, music fans and artists are discovering “house concerts.” Artists (like me) perform in a living room (like yours) for a list of invited guests (20-40). Each guest donates $10-$20 to the artist and we share a live music experience much more intimate than anything you can experience in a typical music venue.

Check out this 2-minute video:

If you think your living room is too small (it probably isn’t), you can team up with a friend that has more space...or have it in your backyard or basement. Usually the show is completely acoustic/unplugged...occassionaly a small speaker is used. It’s very common to have a pot-luck dinner before the concert so people can mingle with each other and you don’t have to spend a bunch of money on food and drink.

This one shows you how you can set up your home for a house concert:

Here are some videos of actual house concerts:


Please let me know if this idea sparks some interest. Even if you just want to toss around the idea of planning something in the future...I'm here to answer questions and together we come up with creative ideas. You can contact me through the form below.

Love and appreciation to you all!
Jennifer Peterson

Concerts In Your Home